Budhaditya Chattopadhyay | PhD, Academy of Creative and Performing artists (ACPA) Leiden University (NL)

Sofia Kaloterakis | RMA master Media, arts and Performance studies, Utrecht University (NL)

Budhaditya and Sofia propose an interdisciplinary reflective practice to create a unique aesthetic language that derives from an augmented connection with our lived environment through an acoustic means.


Geoffa Fells | PhD, University of Antwerp and Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Playful thinking can act as a doorway into inhabiting and making work inside in entirely imagined worlds. This presentation will provide a critical look into these worlds, what has been made inside them and how they have provide a landscape for creating artistic activism (ARTIVISM).

Lodewijk Heylen | PhD, PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt (BE)

What would remain of artists when social structures and economic expectations have all transformed under the influence of comprehensive automation, in the future? Lodewijk Heylen will speculate on the role of the artist in a fictional, automated society, sketching possibilities, but also designing opportunities. 


Emily Huurdeman | Artist, researcher and educator at University of Performing Arts, Tilburg (NL)

This lecture-performance departs from the theoretical background and educational context of research communities as spaces for peer feedback and builds to the necessities and potential problems in deploying the expansion model.

Ronja Maltzahn | Master in ArtEZ Pop Academy in Enschede (NL)

Artistic research about multi-linguistic songwriting in Folkpop-music, and analyzing the impact of changing the language on artist and listener.

Elina & Maria Markatatou | PhD, University of Antwerp and Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Musical improvisation has been a hallmark of many musical cultures from the past to the present and is a practice whose application is found in many contemporary music genres. In this lecture we will present you in a live improvisation performance  and how we work with classical musicians through the method we have been developing.


Jasmin Matzakow | Jewellry art, Academy of Fine Arts Munich (DE)

On researching societal structures and hierarchies through the medium of jewellery. Making and wearing jewellery starts out with a simple desire to be beautiful and unfolds to be all about marking identity and group belonging.

Vincent Van Meenen | PhD, Antwerp Artist Run School (AARS), ARIA and Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

In Blindness First! On Surrealist Research Methods author Vincent Van Meenen will try to figure out what Surrealist Research Methods could look like, and how they can be implemented, both in research and in artistic practice.


Dr. Lenka Novakova | Researcher at University of Victoria (CA)

One Day at the Long Beach engages the surf community of Tofino, BC in the entanglements of research-creation by asking: “Does the actual art-experience collide with research objectives?”

Dr. Wim Wauman | University of Antwerp and Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

During this presentation Wauman will improvise his way through the maze of his ‘Blauwhaus’: the twilight zone he created to collaborate with 'the dreamteam’, to ‘Make Waves’, conduct ‘Deep Research’, and write (about) his 'Play with Arts and Crafts’.

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