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Communication and relation of artistic research to the society


As a continuation to the last year’s edition, the second “Methods in Artistic Research” seminar will focus on the communication and relation of artistic research to the society. The goal of the Method/Art seminar is to explore the common methodologies among researchers of different artistic disciplines, and offer a unique platform for sharing and learning ways of doing artistic research.

The floor is open for paper presentations and lecture-performances that cover the following topics, as well as their expansions and arguments:


  • the interdisciplinary methodologies of communicating and disseminating artistic research, and also, highlighting the different approaches in different artistic disciplines;

  • the pragmatic toolkits for disseminating artistic output for serving different purposes, such as, a large-scale social participation, targeted group interaction, one-to-one conversation etc.;

  • the “what”, “how”, and “why” of relating artistic research to the society and whether such social relation is essential;

  • how to engage the audience in an artistic research project, and how to locate the suitable community for a project;

  • the role, contribution, and value of artistic research in the society.

We merge two broad topics of research methods—semiotic and social—as they are relating and mapping each other. First, we concern the elucidation and audibility of the concealed research art forms and output. How do we translate the meanings of researched objects/subjective experiences to external audience? Secondly, how does an individual artist-audience oscillation expand and reach out to a wider public? A successful dissemination methodology attributes—for some but not all—to the inclusivity and the social application. But what if a research project fails to attract public/institutional interests? Is it devaluated and not worth doing?

Initiators/ Dr. Adilia Yip, Vivi Touloumidi and Umut Eldem

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